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Palo Santo Stick (Set of 2)

Palo Santo Stick (Set of 2)

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Palo santo is a sacred tree native to South America. Indigenous Latin American cultures have used its wood in traditional healing and spiritual ceremonies for centuries. A cousin of both frankincense and myrrh, palo santo translates to "holy wood." When it burns, the aromatic wood releases lemon, mint, and pine notes.

Palo santo is typically used to purify air, dispel evil spirits, and cleanse negative energy. The wood has also long been used therapeutically to soothe cold and flu symptoms, depression, emotional pain, and other ailments. It's said that the uplifting aroma of palo santo is conducive to meditation and relaxation and that it both enhances creativity and brings good fortune.

Our palo santo smudge sticks are ethically sourced from indigenous harvesters.

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