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Spell Kit - Love

Spell Kit - Love

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A full do-it-yourself spell kit in a box containing all the items you need to cast a successful love spell.

Each kit contains:

  • a spell with step-by-step instructions;
  • a palo santo smudge stick;
  • a selenite wand;
  • a proprietary herbal incense blend;
  • a proprietary ritual oil blend;
  • a proprietary herbal blend;
  • one pink chime candle;
  • one white chime candle;
  • candle holders;
  • one tealight and tealight holder;
  • an abalone shell for smudging;
  • a sachet bag;
  • an empty glass bottle
  • corresponding charms and gemstone chips

Do not ingest. For entertainment purposes only. Keep out of reach of children.

Moon Dark Boutique makes no claims about the efficacy of this product or its intended purpose or outcome.

***** WARNING *****

People who are or might be pregnant should avoid handling any of the items containing herbs without consulting a medical or birthing professional, BUT THIS ESPECIALLY APPLIES TO THE HEX BREAKING KIT WHICH CONTAINS RUE.

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